Prenatal Consultation Details

Evidence has proven time and again families with education around the realities of breastfeeding do better! I’ll say it again – knowledge is power! Prepare for your breastfeeding journey beforehand and go into life as a new family confidently, with realistic expectations and a plan for your first week at home.

Many mothers who had issues with breastfeeding the first time around also find this visit important in problem solving prior to the birth of baby.

Like all visits with a lactation consultant they will be completely individual and I require you fill out some paperwork beforehand (this is to make sure you get exactly what you want out of our time!). Each visit includes at least the following:

  • Breastfeeding basics *
  • Education around the first day of life *
  • Education around the first week of life *
  • Discussion of any prior breastfeeding issues
  • A planning tool for the early days (believe me it’s useful!)
  • Breast assessment (completely optional)
  • Resources for local support groups
  • 7 days of follow up email support (you’ll be surprised how many questions you’ll have right after I leave!)

*If you have had a baby before and don’t require the basics and all the education just let me know!

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