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Sometimes you can feel a little out of your depth with a new baby. Sometimes what is considered normal may feel anything BUT normal to you! Having a professional come to you, check the baby, check the feeding and let you know you’re on the right track can give you peace of mind until your next appointment with the paediatrician.

A study published in 2017 directly linked better outcomes for mothers and babies with postpartum follow up in the home following birth or the baby. The study showed families visited by an IBCLC or other health professionals in their homes had higher success rates for breastfeeding, better emotional health and it greatly reduced the chance of babies needing to receive urgent or emergency care during the first 8 weeks of life.

Imagine being at home with your brand new baby, writing down a million questions because everything is new and knowing you have somebody booked in to visit you the next day that can answer them all!

As an IBCLC we not only see families that are experiencing difficulties, we see families that need reassurance that what’s happening during this unique time is in fact normal. It’s not always that easy to tell!

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