Lets get to know each other before your baby arrives

Whatever stage you’re at it’s nice to meet your postpartum support while you are still pregnant and planning. When working as an IBCLC most of the families we meet are already experiencing difficulties, that’s just the way it works. After 10 years of working I would recommend emailing or at least making a note of who you might reach out to for support and advice once your baby is born while you’re still pregnant. Starting from scratch and trying to make a decision on who to work with when you’ve had 5 sleepness nights and can’t get your baby to latch can prove a little challenging!

Weather you’re ready for support or just think you might like some in the future I’d love to hear from you!

First time parents

You’re reading the books, you’re watching scary videos online, you’ve booked your birth education classes, you’re on the right track!

What i’m here to talk to you about is the first day, week or month with your new baby.

Research has shown prenatal education to be extremely effective in improving breastfeeding rates for new families. Ask friends and relatives that have had babies if they wish they had more information on those first few days, before they happened, I guarantee most of them will say yes!

We can talk through steps to successful breastfeeding and put a plan together for a realistic first week with your new baby.

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Had a baby before

You may have experienced difficulty previously when breastfeeding. This can make the thought of trying it again a little intimidating. By meeting with a professional beforehand we can discuss exactly what happened, let it go and start fresh with plenty of knowledge and a feeding plan for you and your baby.

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