Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IBCLC?

An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) is a professional with extensive training in the management of breastfeeding issues. It is currently the highest certification for Lactation Consultants and (as the title suggests) is internationally recognized! I urge anyone looking for lactation support to find someone to help who holds this certification.

There’s a public registry so you can always double check.

When should I see an IBCLC?

The time to find your IBCLC is not at 2am in the morning when your baby is keeping you up for the third night in a row and your nipples feel like they’re falling off! This said it is the most common time we will see new clients and that is completely OK!

What would be even better is meeting your IBCLC before baby is born. Preparation is key!

Even if you don’t meet your IBCLC before baby is born reach out and say hello, see if you get a good vibe and then keep contact details somewhere handy.

Why should I see an IBCLC?

As an IBCLC I see families for a wide range of reasons. Here are the most common ones:

  • Pregnant and planning postpartum support
  • Pregnant and had issues the first time around
  • Home with a new baby and experiencing difficulties latching
  • Concerns around your babies weight gain
  • Returning to work and not sure how to plan
  • Concerns around increasing/maintaining supply
  • Dealing with nipple confusion
  • Unsure of when or how to begin weaning
  • Feeding assessment and baby weigh
  • Tongue/lip tie

I could go on forever! If you have concerns over something that isn’t listed here that doesn’t mean I can’t help. If you’re not sure, please just contact me.

Do you take insurance?

It’s a work in progress! These things take time. I hope to be able to offer this ASAP. Currently I will supply you with a superbill along with instructions to get reimbursed. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee reimbursement but the law is on our side. I recommend contacting your provider beforehand if you have concerns. If you do submit a superbill and are unsuccessful I urge you to appeal. Here is some more information you can read:

What happens during a visit?

The visit will start before I even get there. In order to arrive fully prepared and ready to give you the help you need I’ll send an intake form via email for you to fill out electronically.

Each visit lasts approximately 90 mins.

We will address any issues and answer any specific questions you send me on the intake form. This is how I structure the visits and why it’s so important to have info beforehand. Here are two examples of common consults.

For prenatal clients: We will discuss understanding and expectations of breastfeeding in the first days/weeks. We can set you up with a detailed plan for the first days/weeks which should help set realistic expectations and give you the knowledge to spot normal from abnormal (sometimes the craziest things are normal and it’s nice to know that beforehand!).  

For postpartum clients: We can assess a full feed. Perform an oral + suck assessment for baby, highlighting any potential concerns. IBCLC’s cannot diagnose tongue/lip ties but we can recommend referral if we see something we feel requires further investigation. We will check the babies weight and if needed do pre and post feed weights to asses milk transfer.

All visits include a written care plan along with appropriate referrals. This will include having a summary sent to your Midwife/OB and/or pediatrician.

What follow up will I receive?

In addition to a written care plan and all of the necessary communication with other healthcare providers on your behalf, you will have a 2 week period to contact me with any and all questions, queries or concerns.