Consultation Package Details

Many countries around the world provide postpartum care to women and new families in the home following birth. The World Health Organization strongly recommends at least 3 postpartum home visits from a Health Professional during the first 6 weeks of life.

This is how and why I devised this package. These postpartum consults can be booked in any time during the first 6 weeks of your baby’s life. We don’t know when your baby will be born exactly but let me know as soon as it happens so we can plan your visits!

My recommended schedule is:

  • Prenatal consultation and education – 36 weeks (optional but highly recommended)
  • Visit 1 – within 48 hours of birth in the home or discharge from birth centre/ hospital
  • Visit 2 – within 5 to 10 days after birth
  • Visit 3 – within 2 to 3 weeks after birth

These recommendations follow the feeding patterns and growth spurts that your baby has during the first few weeks of life and I have found these tend to be the times people feel they need extra support.

This said i’ll work with you to create any schedule you’d like!

I will also work with you to create a completely customizable plan. Contact me >

Prenatal Consults

  • Breastfeeding basics *
  • Education around the first day of life *
  • Education around the first week of life *
  • Discussion of any prior breastfeeding issues
  • A planning tool for early days
  • Breast assessment
  • Resources for local support groups
  • 7 days of follow up support

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Postpartum Consults

  • Positioning / latch assessment
  • Breast assessment
  • Suck assessment
  • Full well baby assessment
  • Baby weight – pre and post feed if indicated
  • Written feeding plan for mom and baby if needed
  • Handouts on any of the material we cover
  • 14 days of follow up support

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Not sure what you need?

Please get in touch with me and we’ll figure out what is best for you